Your child will cope in whatever environment he/she is in, and he/she will easily make new friends. Their best friends of now will soon be forgotten and life goes on.

We moved from one country to another country, we have no support network, friends, and family whatsoever and have had to start from scratch with making new friends. My son fitted in from day one, it was as though he had always been there.

For adults it is harder, as we have to make the first move. In playgrounds there are always groups of people chatting and you don’t want to intrude, but you have to as this is one way of meeting new people and making new friends.

See this move as an exciting new challenge for you and your child.

With regards to looking for a school, I would suggest chat to some of the locals and find out what they say about the schools, the different areas and take your child with you to see the various options. Make your child feel included in this decision.

Do your research about the area you are going to live in by seeing what there is to do on weekends, find local places to perhaps go away for the weekend.